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The World of Minerals is rediscovered by passion, study, perseverance and continuous information. This science proves a perfect connection between various areas of study: geology, geography, physics, chemistry, geometry, architecture and last but not least, History.

My father, as a chemist, was the first person to open my mind and to direct me towards this fabulous world by explaining to me that a trivial rock has a certain composition and structure, a specific geological mark, being itself a silent witness of human evolution.

My education in physics, from my early years, was a great support for understanding many aspects concerning minerals. A fulfilling sensation takes place when a new occurrence is found, often after many days of search and months of study. I also have the opportunity  to explore different geological areas and exceptional mining zones. Romanian history is closely related to mining exploitations taking place in the northern parts of the Danube.

For almost 20 years, I have lived surrounded by the fabulous minerals’ architecture sharing the fascination and mysteries revealed by the less known cosmic history.

I would like to thank my family for the understanding shown through the years, my friends and my other collaborators for encouragements and support and to all the other mineralogy and geology enthusiasts for their encouraging words of wisdom. And never forget:  „You barely know something, but you have to go on!”.