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This mining area represented the main mining gold/silver ore in the Baia Mare District. The fair name for this region is ‘Săsar-Valea Roșie’ ore deposits. Here was operated several fields of exploitation:

-Aurum ore deposit-with the veins ore: Aurum, Francesca, Ștefanca, Ilca, Clemente, Sanislău, Andrei. Here are located the former ‘Aurum’ Mine and old Pokol Gallery.

-Adam-Cremenea ore deposit with the Adam 1, Adam 2 and the Veta veins.

-Borzaș ore deposit, the veins present here: 1>10

-Țigher-Sofia ore deposit with the main veins: Țigher, Sofia, Propad, Diagonal, Gheorghe, Alexandru, Anton si Ioan. Two mines are located here: Sofia and Țigher but now are abandoned.

-Tyuzoșa-Ludovica in the northeast part of Săsar-Valea Roșie ore deposit, with Tyuzoșa Mine and Emerica Mine (Emerica and Anton vein)

-Bartoșa-Wilhelm ore deposit. There are known two mining areas: Wilhelm ore deposit (Wilhelm Mine, Wilhelm-Trei Stejari mining area) and Iojica-Bartoșa ore deposit.

-Valea Roșie ore deposit with the main veins: Laurentiu, Calazantius, Vâna Patului, Ana, Auros, 8 Martie, Evanghelist and Suzana.

In this area the mining started in the 18th century.

In the April-May 2013 we have done a study trip in this mining area.6-Aurum Mining expl. 30 Apr 2013 10-Aurum, Pocol open pit, Apr. 2013 7-Borcutului-Bartosa Valley-30 apr 2013 9-Iojica dumps-30 apr 2013 3- Wilhelm Mine, entrance, May 8 2013 5-Wilhelm Mine, abandoned ammunition depot, May 8 2013